Join Us For A Series Of Three Online Mini-Retreats:

Take the journey with us and learn new ways to feel free, to move forward easily with career and connection, and to embrace the life and self you have always wanted to choose.

Through one hour, once a week, online mini-retreats, we will be the facilitators for your own powerful transformational process.

It's actually simple to achieve and engage with your biggest dreams. What is also simple is to then create them. With playfulness and ancient practices of wisdom, allow us to support and teach you, as you remember how wonderful it is to be you.

*Scroll below for retreat description. Each retreat will be recorded live and recordings will be given to all retreaters, so that no matter timezone or prior commitments, you can attend these retreats in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

PART I:  Clear and Connect - Cognitive reprogramming & meditative attunement  

- Wednesday, September 13, 2017 -


Here we begin our path together of intentional clearing to connect to the true source of power within.

Through grounding, meditative techniques and releasing, we will learn to put aside our inner critique and instead embrace a committee of support that encourages us, minute-to-minute, to be whatever we choose. We will learn in this retreat what it is that is stopping us from being free. In this space of new opportunity, we will discover the refreshing state of becoming clear. Here we taste the real touch of presence. 

Retreat I: CLEAR AND CONNECT - Early Bird
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PART II:  Manifest and Create – Visualized power & progressive creating

- Wednesday September 20, 2017 -


As we arrive again in our full power, we start to realize the things we never thought we could.

It's in this space of unequaled possibilities that real life changes occur. Through guided visualization and supported, conscious creating, we build exactly what it is you need to move forward. Learning how to give ourselves permission to live big, is a key concept here. As we manifest and feel into what it might be to live past our fear, tangible achievement becomes sustainable and real. It is each of our rite to know and live the life we dream.

Retreat II: MANIFEST AND CREATE - Early Bird
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PART III:  Live and Transform – A roadmap for daily success

- Wednesday, September 27, 2017-


It's through your success of understanding the experience of being present on this planet, that we truly arrive at the best ever you.

As we join together in this closing retreat, we will encounter a fresh perspective where your profound growth is realized. We are each already whole and completely valuable. We are also valid and worthy of a grand existence always. It is in this final space, we share the practical tools you are now ready to receive. Present in your power is the place in which you will arrive at here.

Retreat III: LIVE AND TRANSFORM - Early Bird
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Full Retreat: Part I - PART III

- September 13, 20 & 27, 2017 - 

Package Of Three Retreats
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Sarah and Kathrin have a synergy that immediately puts you in a safe and creative space. As a writer looking to unlock more of my creative potential, their workshop helped me to ‘get out of my own way’, to be gentle in allowing the space for my muse/creativity to come in. I’m walking away feeling ready to create and for that I can’t have asked for more.
— Jeffrey Roberts, Writer

Meet Your Facilitators 


Sarah Norrad

Being a Featured Author, Poet, Transformational Coach, Yogini, and Energy-healing Practitioner, Sarah is here to facilitate the path to your most beautiful living. Born a wild woman in the breathtaking Nimpkish Valley, BC, Sarah desires to remind you always of what is innate, free and powerful within you. Work with Sarah and know what conscious transformation truly means. 

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Kathrin Raczek

Being a nomad at heart, Kathrin not only bridges different places in the world, but also people, passions and things, teaching us how to find connection within everything. She combines creative approaches, energy healing and practical hands-on knowledge to help you gain clarity in your life, connect to your core genius and make your next dream come alive.

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